FAQs - Refrigeration


1. Why does my appliance not work immediately?

  • You must leave your fridge or freezer to stand for 12 hours without switching the appliance on. This will allow the gases within the fridge/freezer to stabilize and work correctly.

2. What is a frost free fridge / freezer?

  • A frost free fridge / freezer prevents the build up of ice in the fridge / freezer by circulating chilled air around to reduce the humidity and therefore avoid the build up of frost or ice particles. Defrosting is not required for frost free appliances .

3. How should I defrost my fridge freezer / freezer?

  • The general rule is to defrost your fridge freezer / freezer when the ice becomes 3-5mm thick. Empty the freezer, using warm water and a sponge defrost by applying the warm water to the ice using the sponge and wipe dry any water found in the freezer compartment.

4. Where is the serial number located on my product?

  • This sticker will contain information regarding your model and serial number. Your model number will begin with a 'CZ' code followed by a five digit number i.e. 'CZ12345', your serial number will consist only of a five digit number.

5. Why is my fridge / freezer making noises?

  • It is not uncommon with new appliances to hear certain noises as the gas within the fridge circulates around the internal pipe work. Over time these noises will disappear and are not of any concern. Common causes of noises are:
    1. The pump / compressor motor - Normal
    2. Pipe work vibrating against the wall - ensure there is a gap against your appliance and the wall
    3. Gas circulating inside pipes - Normal
    4. Cracking sounds - Auto defrost function
    5. Air movement - Normal

6. Can the doors on my fridge / freezer be reversed? If so how do I reverse the door?

  • For most of Coolzone's refrigeration products', doors can be reversed if you are not entirely sure please refer back to your instruction manual which will show you how to reverse the doors.

7. How can I preserve food if I have a power cut?

  • In the case of a power cut, the amount of time your freezer will stay cold varies. A full freezer will stay colder than a half full freezer. To help preserve your food keep the door shut to help maintain the freezer temperature. You can use newspaper to help insulate it by wrapping it around the product but do remember to remove once the power comes back on.

8. What does energy consumption mean and which is the best one?

  • Energy consumption refers to the amount of average electricity consumed by the appliance when in use. Using a scale of A-E you should be able to identify your appliances energy rating, with 'A' being the most energy efficient and 'E' being the least efficient. The better the energy rating the more economical and environmentally friendly your appliance is. A+ and A++ models are now available - an A++ rated product is the most energy efficient appliance.

9. How do I remove unpleasant odours from my fridge?

  • Clean the inside of the fridge regularly using an anti-bacterial cleaning agent this will help to help prevent odours from building up. To clean the exterior use a mild cleaning agent

10. Should I leave some free space around the fridge / freezer?

  • It is strongly advisable to leave a small gap of about an inch distance between your wall and your appliance to ensure the appliance does not overheat

11. I have to defrost the freezer more often than is indicated in the manual. What could be the reason?

  • Check the setting on the temperature thermostat, it may be that your thermostat is set on a high setting and is causing your freezer to over freeze.